The Antenna Laboratory provides testing capabilities for antennas and payloads, including radiation pattern measurement, absolute gain, phase centre determination, group delay and any other end-to-end payload- or platform-radiated signal across a limited frequency range. Some of these capabilities are available under various environmental conditions, in order to verify antenna and radiated payload performance in flight conditions.

Established session: Fall 2018.

Financed by: BAUET own fund.

Table 5.16 List of equipment in the Antenna and Satellite Communication Lab

S/N Name of Lab Name of equipment & Furniture Remarks
Equipment Quantity
3 Antenna and Satellite Communication Lab

(Room # 305)

Antenna Trainer Kit

Model: Scientech-2261, big version.

(Each set includes RF generator, transmitting mast, receiving mast, RF detector, Matching stub, 22 different antennas, Connecting probes, cables and Scientech 2261 software)

3 Set  

Model: EPSON-EBX-04

1 PCs
Projector Stand

Brand: Super view

1 PCs
Optical Fiber, Model: KT-95001 3 Pcs
Oscilloscope, Model: GDS-1102-U 3 Pcs
Student Tool 25 PCs
Experiment Table 6 PCs
Lecture Stand 1 PCs
Teacher’s Table and Chair 1 Set**
Lab Attendant’s Table and Chair 1 Set**
Steel Almirah 1 PCs
Dias 1 PCs
White Board 1 PCs
Ceiling Fan 4 PCs
Tube Light 4 PCs
Bag Shelf 1 PCs
Shoe Rack 1 PCs
Wall Clock 1 PCs