List of Equipment

Equipment Quantity
Oscilloscope 05 Set
Signal Generator/ Function Generator  05 Set
Digital Multimeter 06 Set
Soldering Station with hot air rework station` 02 Set
Fume exhauster 02 Set
Magnifying glasses preferably head mounted 02 Set
De-soldering pump 02 Set
Electronic component kits (resistors, capacitors, LEDs, inductor, chips etc.) 02 Set
Tweezers (antimagnetic one, a set with varying tip shapes) 01 Set
i.                    Assorted set of side cutters

ii.                  Assorted set of pliers

iii.                Assorted set of connectors

iv.                Hot glue gun

v.                  Assorted set of screw driver kits

2 sets

2 sets

3 sets

2 sets

1 set

Electronics Component Storage Cabinets 01 Set
Cordless Hand Drill 01 Set
Cordless Electric Saw 01 Set
Magnet wire (AWG: 24, 30, 35) 3 coils
Experimental table 6 PCs
Tool 30 PCs
Chair and table for teacher 1 set
Chair and table for lab attendant 1 set
Lecture Stand 1 PCs
Double White Board 1 PCs
Dais 1 PCs
Steel Almeria 1 PCs
Bag Shelf (for 30 students) 1 PCs
Window Curtain with Clamp (for two windows) 1 sets
Basket 1 PCs
Doormat 1 PCs
Name Plate 1 PCs