The laboratory is involved in teaching and research in different areas of communication like analog, digital and wireless communication. In this laboratory, our students are trained for constructing the circuits for analog and digital communication. The concepts of all type of modulation & demodulation, and recent communication techniques are demonstrated using available hardware tools.

Established session: Summer 2017.

Financed by: BAUET own fund.

Table: List of equipment in the Communication Lab

S/N Name of Lab Name of equipment & Furniture Remarks
Equipment Quantity
1 Communication Lab

(Room # 416)

Telecom Trainer Kit

Model: Emona Telecoms-Trainer 101

3 Set  




Wireless Communication

Model: Scientech ST2133AM

3 Set
Oscilloscope, Model: GDS-1102-U 6 Set
Desktop Computer with Serial Prot

Dell Vostro 3670MT

Processor: Intel Core i5 8th Generation,

9MB Cache, RAM: 8GB

Monitor: Dell 18.5” Monitor.

3 Set
UPS, Brand: Power Pac 3 Set
Projector, Epson EB-X05 01 Pcs
Projector Screen 01 Pcs
Student Tool 36 PCs
Experiment Table 9 PCs
Teachers Table 1 PCs
Teachers Chair 1 PCs
Lab Attendant chair 1 PCs
Lecture Stand 1 PCs
Steel Almirah 1 PCs
Dias 1 PCs
White Board 1 PCs
Ceiling Fan 10 PCs
Light 11 PCs
Bag Shelf 1 PCs
Wall Clock 1 PCs
Window Curtain 24 PCs
Sound System 1 PCs