nternet and Computing Facilities

High-speed internet facility with Wi-Fi connectivity is available for students, faculty members, and staff of BAUET. This internet facility is provided by the BAUET ICT Center which is maintained by the CSE dept. The ICT Centre was established to provide ICT services to the University as a whole. Its services range from Internet, email, Maintenance and storage facilities to the development and maintenance etc. The mission of the ICT Centre is to create and harness computing resources for the support and enhancement of academic excellence and management. A total uninterrupted dedicated bandwidth of 300 Mbps is available twenty-four hours for Bonolota Hall (female), Boral Hall (male), residence and office. There are three-time slots for internet service i.e. office time (0730-1530 hours), after office (1530-0730 hours), and holidays (Friday and Saturday). The distribution of bandwidth and timing policy is shown below. The whole campus is covered with internet facilities i.e. laboratories, libraries, classrooms, administrative offices, departmental offices, conference rooms, cafeteria, etc. with strict monitoring systems.

Server details of BAUET:

SL/No Server list QTY features
01 Dell R730 01 The R730 server use for storage large data fast and secure. Also use raid server system increase data security, Virtualization and redundancy.


02 Mikrotik CC1016

Mikrotik RB1100

02 Manage and distribute total bandwidth to Administration, Academic and residential area by time slotting. Using firewall security to block spam and unauthorized access. Allow and disable user to connect internet connection. Using hotspot server to secure login Wi-Fi user.

Different types of website content are also filtered using this server.

03 CCTV Camera 40 pcs CCTV monitoring system exists to monitor the overall security situation of the university.
03 IPS 2K pcs IPS is used for server electricity backup and 24/7 internet service.

Table: Internet and computer facilities of BAUET

SN. Item Description 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
1. Bandwidth 2 Mbps 10 Mbps 50 Mbps 100 Mbps 300 Mbps 300 Mbps
2. No. of Computers Connected to Internet 38 90 222 323 358 390
3. No. of Computers for students 27 77 185 286 319 366
4. No. of Computers for Administration 12 14 37 40 40 46