Bloom’s Taxonomy Domain:

Action Verb Appropriate for Cognitive Domain

(Head)Development of mental/intellectual skill
Level Action Verb
Remember define, describe, identify, know, label, list, names, outlines, recall, recognize, reproduce, select, state
Understand clarify, comprehend, convert, describe, discuss, defend, distinguish, estimate, explain, extend, generalize, give an example, identify, infer, interpret, illustrate, paraphrase, predict, review, rewrite, select, summarize, translate
Apply apply, change, choose, classify, compute, construct, demonstrate, discover, interpret, manipulate, modify, operate, predict, prepare, produce, relate, show, solve, use, write
Analyze analyze, assumption, breaks down, categorize, classify, compare, contrast, diagram, discover, deconstruct, differentiate, dissect, divide, discriminate, distinguish, distinction, examine, identify, illustrate, inspect, infer, list, motive, outline, relate, select, separate, simplify, survey, test, relationships, function, take part in
Evaluate apprise, assess, choose, compare, conclude, contrast, criticize, critiques, defend, describe, discriminate, evaluate, explain, interpret, justify, relate, summarize, support
Create build, categorize, combine, compile, compose, create, change, devise, design, explain, generate, improve, modify, minimize, organize, propose, plan, solve, solution, rearrange, reconstruct, relate, reorganize, revise, rewrite, summarize, synthesize, tell, write

Psychomotor Domain

(Hand) Manual or physical skills, movement, coordination, motor-s
Level Definition Example Action Verb
Imitation Observing and patterning behavior after someone else Watch teacher or trainer and repeat action, process or activity copy, follow, replicate, repeat, adhere
Manipulation Reproduce activity from instruction or memory Carry out task from written or verbal instruction re-create, build, perform, execute, implement
Precision Execute skill reliably, independent of help Perform an activity with expertise and to high quality without assistance or instruction; able to demonstrate an activity to other learners demonstrate, show, complete, perfect, calibrate, control
Articulation Adapt and integrate expertise to satisfy a non-standard objective Relate and combine associated activities to develop methods to meet varying, novel requirements construct, solve, adapt, combine, coordinate, integrate, develop, formulate, modify, master
Naturalization Mastering a high level performance until it become second-nature or natural. Design, specify, manage, invent, project-manage Define aim, approach and strategy for use of activities to meet

Affective Domain

(Heart) Manner in which we deal with things emotionally – feelings, values, attitudes

Level Definition Example Action Verb
Receiving Being aware of or attending to something in the environment Individual reads a book passage about civil rights Accept, Attend, Develop, Recognize
Responding Showing some new behavior as a result of experience Individual answers questions about the book, reads another book by the same author, another book about civil rights, etc. Complete, Comply, Cooperate, Discuss, Examine, Obey, respond
Valuing Showing some definite involvement or commitment The individual demonstrates this by voluntarily attending a lecture on civil rights. Accept, Defend, Devote, Pursue, Seek
Organization Integrating a new value into one’s general set of values, giving it some ranking among one’s general priorities The individual arranges a civil right rally Codify, Discriminate, Display, Order, Organize, Systematize, Weigh
Characterization by value Acting consistently with the new value The individual is firmly committed to the value perhaps becoming a civil right leader Internalize, Verify