The laboratory is involved in teaching and research in the areas of software engineering and information systems, with an emphasis on software development methods

Established session: Summer 2015.

Financed by: BAUET own fund.

List of equipment in the Software Engineering Lab

Si. Name of Lab Name of equipment & Furniture Remarks
Equipment Quantity
4 GIS: Geographic Information System Lab

(Room # 306)

Desktop Computer

Model: Dell Optiplex 3020 MT

Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 4th Generation, 6MB Cache


Monitor: Dell and Samsung(1PCs)

29 PCs

Brand: Power Take

28 PCs
Internet Switch Box 1 PCs
Internet Switch

Model: Net Gear Prosafe 24 Port 10/100 Switch

2 PCs

Model: Hitachi-CPX3041WN

1 PCs
Projector Stand

Brand: Super view

1 PCs
Computer Table 39 PCs
Computer Chair 58 PCs
Steel Almirah 1 PCs
Dias 1 PCs
White Board 1 PCs
Ceiling Fan 10 PCs
Tube Light 10 PCs
Bag Shelf 1 PCs
Lecture Stand 1 PCs