Course Outcomes (CO) address the abilities to be attained by the students upon the completion of a course. Focus on what we want the student to be able to do.

Components of a CO: Action Verb (V) + Condition (C) + Standard (S)à Define in such a way so that they can actually be measured.

Outcomes should be SMART

Specific:           concrete, detailed, well defined

Measurable:    numbers, quantify, comparison

Achievable:     feasible, actionable

Realistic:         considering resources

Time bound:    a defined timeline

Poor CO:  Calculate magnitude and direction of Current.

Better CO: Calculate magnitude and direction of Current using OHM’s Law.

Best CO: Calculate magnitude and direction of current using OHM’s law for two terminal DC network with constant voltage source/s and series/parallel resistances.


CO-PO Alignment

  • Misalignment may be identified through action verbs
  • Misalignment may exist with correct action verb as well
  • CO1: Apply the basic laws of electrical circuitsà PO2: Cognitive/Apply?
  • CO2: Analyze frequency response of single stage amplifiers àPO2: Cognitive/Analyze?
  • Components of a CO
    • Behavior/Action verb
    • Condition/context under which behavior occurs
    • Specific student performance criteria