Year of Foundation: 2016-2017

The history Debate Club of Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology (BAUET), we mean by BAUDS (Bangladesh Army University Debating Society) started its journey in 2016. The University authority and group of students who were felt the need for an organization to promote and develop the talent of the students turning into modern day battle of wits, called debating. All of them were excellent debaters. The first selected committee took responsibility from May 2016.BAUDS organized the first ever debating workshop to train debaters and adjudicators in 2017 at the Campus premises.

Executive Committee:

Post Name Designation
Adviser Col. Md. HamidulHaque Treasurer, BAUET
President Dr. Md. Shahidul Islam Associate Prof, Law & Justice
Vice-President Md. Abdur Rashid Assistant Professor, DBA
General Secretary MurshedaNusrat Della 5th Batch, ICE, ID: 18105002
Organizing Secretary Zawadul Islam 5th Batch, BBA, ID- 18111018
Treasurer Anika Tahmin 2nd Batch, Law & Justice, ID- 19110016



Executive Member

GalibHasan 4th Batch, CE, ID – 16101011
K.h. Ashik Mahmud 6th Batch, CE, ID- 17201016
Masyud-ul-HaqueAushi 7th Batch, CE, ID- 18101006
HasibulHasanShuvo 7th Batch, CE, ID- 18101019
Mobin Khan 7th Batch, CE, ID- 18101027
TasnimTahrima 6th Batch CSE, Id-17204072
SakibHaqueZisan 8th Batch, CSE, ID -18204008
JannatulFerdausMim 7th Batch, CSE, ID- 18104002
FarihaNousin 9th Batch, CSE, ID-19104023
Mahmudur Rahman 10th Batch, CSE, ID – 19204027
MehediHasanHimel, 6th Batch EEE, ID- 17203030
Md. Asaduzzaman 5th Batch EEE, ID- 17103006
Md. NashraAlkamTafhim 8th Batch EEE, ID- 18203013
TaimoonHasan 8th Batch EEE, ID- 18203022
Mir Ashikur Rahman Pranto 8th Batch EEE, ID- 18203031
Shakil Ahmed 2nd Batch, Law & Justice, ID-19110010
Md. Shamim Reza 2nd Batch, Law & Justice, ID-19110002
FariyaJabin 3rd Batch, Law & Justice, ID-19210026
Raju Ahmed 4th Batch, Law & Justice, ID-
Mst. Anika Washima 3rd Batch, BBA ID – 17111018
Safiur Rahman Shad 4th  Batch, BBA, ID – 17211026
Shabana Islam 7th Batch, BBA, ID- 19111019
Aysha Islam Emu 7th  Batch, BBA, ID – 19111021
TabassumSafaZaman 5th Batch English, ID- 18109012
Abdus Salam Akash 6th Batch English, ID-18209017
Md. Sadiquzzaman 8th Batch English, ID- 19209002
Md. A. Rahman 8th Batch English, ID- 19209019
Sinthiya Roy Sweety 7th Batch English, ID- 19109032
Md. HasanFardinNahin 5th Batch, ICE, ID: 18105007
Md. Alamin 4th Batch, ICE, ID: 17205005
JarinTasnim Khan 4th Batch, ICE, ID: 17205013
Rahela Islam Auntu 6th Batch, ICE, ID: 18205007



With the slogan ‘Debate for Truth, Debate for Logic’ the Club conducts its activities to promote the talents of the students. It also works to develop the good debater & leader of the students of BAUET.

As an active club it sits every Monday at 4:00pm with its members.

Some of its major activities are:

  1. Regular Debate practice;
  2. To arrange Debate Workshop;
  3. Inter Department Debate competition;
  4. Inter Hall Debate  Competition ;
  5. To practice & arrange Parliamentary Debate Competition
  1. Collection of members for the club.