BAUET Activities Compatible to Sustainable Development Goals

Sl. No


1. Workshop on ‘Methods of Instruction (MOI)’ for Teachers
2. Workshop ‘Advance Web Programing’
3. Academic Talks on ‘Reading a Text in a Post-Colonial Context’ and ‘Developing Presentation Skills’
4. Onsite Training on ‘Outcome Based Education (OBE)
5. Seminar on ‘Technical Talk on the Role of IEB for Engineering Education’
6. Workshop  En-Genius on Structural Design of Buildings
7. Seminar on ‘Role of Engineers in Sustainable Development of Bangladesh’
8. Technical Talk on ‘Current Trends in Bio-Informatics’
9. Academic Talk on ‘Trends and Opportunities of Study and Research: Experience at Canadian Academia’
10. Workshop on ‘Awareness and Prevention of COVID-19’
11. Workshop on COMSOL for Beginners
12. Academic Talk on ‘The Role of Young Generation on Social Development’
13. Academic Talk on  ‘Impact of Electric Vehicles on Electricity Demand and Distribution: Challenges and Opportunities’
14. Virtual Seminar on ‘Fighting Against COVID-19: Role of Engineers Webinar’
15. Virtual Seminar on ‘Research Planning, Writing, Presentation and Ethics Webinar’
16. International Virtual Conference on Multi-disciplinary Research
17. International E-Conference on Revisiting CSR in the post COVID Era-statutory Guidelines and Societal Concerns
18. Webinar on: Career after Pandemic, Business Case Creaking, Envisioning Success: A Story telling session on career call workshop on MS excel essentials for early career
19. Online Presentation Competition under the banner of the Language & Literature Club
20. Webinar on Robotics, Hardware, Competitive Program, Research, Software and development students
21. Intra University Programing Contest
22. Workshop on Writing Research Report Using Latex & Endnote
23. International Conference on ‘Postcolonial Perspectives Language Literature and Culture and the Global South’
24. International Conference on Borders, Diasporas, and Multilingualism in English Studies
25. International Conference on ‘English Romanticism and Bangla Literature’
26. Workshop on ‘Advocacy Trial Advocacy  (Civil)’