Department of Civil Engineering



Research Area Expertise Faculty
1. Water and Environmental Engineering Dr. Engr. Md. Rashidul Hasan

Dr. Md. Mahmudur Rahma

2. Geotechnical Engineering Mst. Shamima Shirin

Md. Saddam Hossain

Rima Pervin

3. Structural Engineering Md. Shajahan Ali

Md. Mohshin Ali

Md. Tanver Hasan

Rokonuzzaman Rokon

4. Transportation Engineering Mst. Suraiya Hashi


Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Sl. No. Research Area Expertise Faculty
1. Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Sensor Networking Mohammed Golam Sarwar Bhuyan
2. Deep Learning, Machine Learning Asma Yasmin

Md. Mehedi Hasan

3. Image Processing, Deep Learning Dardina Tasmere

Md. Sabbir Ejaz

4. Privacy preserving in data publishing, data mining Md. Omar Faruq
5. Privacy preservation, Ubiquitous Security, Data Mining, Machine Learning Md. Muktar Hossain
6. High Performance Computing, Computer Architecture, IoT, Image Processing Ahmed Salman Tariq
7. Communication Signal Processing, Internet of Things (IoT), Computer Networks, Wireless Communication Mithun Kumar
8. Computer Vision and Natural language understanding, Applied Cryptography Abdullah Al Rahat
9. Image Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Md. Harun Or Rashid
10. Digital Image Processing, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Md. Nazmus Salehin
11. Machine Learning, Data Mining, Speech Signal Processing Subrata Kumer Paul

Rakhi Rani Paul

12. Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Biometrics Bristi Rani Roy
13. Data Mining, Bioinformatics Mst. Irin Sultana

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

SN Research Areas Expertise Faculty Members
1. Power System A. M. Rezaul Karim Talukder, Md. Bulbul Ahmed, Md. Tonmoy Islam, SamiaFerdousMou, Md. Azizul Islam
2. Smart Grid Md. Bulbul Ahmed, Md. Tonmoy Islam, SariulHasan
3. Renewable energy A. M. Rezaul Karim Talukder, Md. Bulbul Ahmed, Md. Tonmoy Islam,SariulHasan, Sara Khan,Md. Shahadat Hossain, Md. Azizul Islam
4. Nanotechnology Md. Abdul Al Azmain
5. Optical fiber communication NeepaSarker, SamiaFerdousMou
6. Power Electronics SamiaFerdousMou, Md. Motakabbir Rahman, Md. Azizul Islam
7. Wireless communication NeepaSarker, SamiaFerdousMou
8. Artificial Intelligence Md. Rabiul Islam,Suvojit Kumar Singha, Md. SimulHasanTalukder
9. Biomedical Signal Processing Md. Rabiul Islam,Suvojit Kumar Singha, Md. SimulHasanTalukder
10. Image Processing and Computer Vision Md. Rabiul Islam,Suvojit Kumar Singha, Md. SimulHasanTalukder
11. Machine Learning Md. Rabiul Islam,Suvojit Kumar Singha, Md. SimulHasanTalukder
12. Control system SamiaFerdousMou, Amanur Rahman
13. VLSI Md. Azizul Islam
14. Pulse width modulation

switching techniques

Md. Tonmoy Islam
15. Aerothermodynamics, High

Speed Gas Dynamics, Fluid-

Structure Interaction, Aerodynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Hypersonic Flow.

Sanjoy Kumar Saha, ME

Department of Information and Communication Engineering


SI. No. Research Area Expertise Faculty
1. Internet of Things, Wireless Power Transfer, Antenna Engineering, Electronics Circuit and System, Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Dr. Md. Rubel Basar
2. Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing Partha Pratim Debnath
3. Antenna for Biomedical application, Digital Image Processing, Fiber Optic Communication, Wireless Communication. Mousume Samad
4. Antenna for Biomedical application, Wireless Communication. Md. Lincon Hasan
5. Wireless Communication, Wireless Networking and Security. Md. Tofail Ahmed
6. Optical Fiber Communication, Photonic Crystal Fiber, Surface Plasmonic Resonance(SPR) Sensor, Wireless sensor network Md. Nazmul Hussain
7. Data Mining, Machine Learning, Internet of Things Md. Zihadur Rahman
8. Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Networks A.B.M. Kabir Hossain
9. Deep Learning, Robotics, Network & Computer Security Md. Min-Ha-Zul Abedin

Department of Business Administration

SL No. Research Area Expertise Faculty
1.        Planning and Investment Dr. Md. Shah Alam
2. Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) Md. Abdur Rashid
3. CSR, Supply Chain, Financial Reporting & Taxation Afia Fahmida
4. Human Resource Management, Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh etc. Shayma Ashrafy


5. Work life Balance, Corporate Governance, Green Financing, Small and Medium Enterprises, Financial distress. Sanuar Hossain
6. HRM, Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) etc. Hafizur Rahman
7. Capital Structure, Corporate Finance, Financial Inclusion, Corporate Governance, E-banking & General Banking Prodip Chandra Bishwas
8. CSR,Profit planning, Dividend policy of public ltd, Financial Disclosure, Green Banking NahidaAktar

Department of English

Sl Research Area Expertise Faculty
1. Translation Studies, Poetry, ELT Md. Hamidur Rahman, Associate Professor and Head
2. Postcolonialism, Feminism, Eco-criticism, African American criticism, Psychoanalytic Criticism, Marxism Shirin Akter, Senior Lecturer, Department of English
3.   S. M. Jakaria, Lecturer, Dept. of English
4. Partition Studies, Post-Colonial Studies, English Language Teaching Md. Ataul Karim, Lecturer, Dept. of English
5. Post-Colonial Literature, Novel, 17th and 18th Century Literature, American Literature Mostak Hossain, Lecturer, Dept. of English
6. Dystopian Literature, Post-humanism, Discourses on Power, Partition Studies, Media and Cultural Studies, Translation Studies Md. Rakibul Alam, Lecturer, Dept. of English
7. Postcolonialism, Diaspora, Cultural Studies, Feminism Masrufa Alam, Lecturer, Dept. of English
8. Politics of ELT, Linguistic Imperialism and Racism, De-colonization of English studies Tahenaz Parvin Biva, Lecturer, Dept. of English

Department of LAW

SL. No. Research Area Expertise Faculty
 1. Land Management in Bangladesh, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law in Bangladesh etc. Dr. Md. Shahidul Islam, Associate Prof. & Head
 2. Waqf Property, Criminal Laws in Bangladesh, Women’s Right etc. Most. Moklesunnahar, Lecturer
 3. Human Rights, Child Rights, Village Court etc. Raju Ahmed, Lecturer


Department of Chemistry 



Research Area  Expertise Faculty
1. Nano composites preparation, Biofuel production from Biomass and Biomaterials production from Natural sources Dr. Md. Saiful Islam
2. Physical Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Sonochemical treatment of EDC, Polymer composite, etc. Md. Shaharul Islam
3. Electrodiposition Md. Moynul Islam