Year of Foundation: 2015-2016

BAUET Automation & Robotics Club (BARC) is focusing on the students’ enthusiasm in the field of robotics. Automation is also is preferable to many students in the engineering field. The hands-on experience helps the students to be familiar with the research and development sector. Targeting to make a pace with the current technological advancement, BAUET Automation & Robotics Club (BARC) is putting a vital factor in this regard.

BARC Organogram:

Executive Committee:

SL No. Name Designation Dept Student ID Batch
1. Tonmoy Islam President


2. Sanjoy Saha Vice -President


3. Amanur Rahman Vice -President


4. Siddhartha Kumar Sarkar Organizing Secretary EEE 17103005 5th
5. Najim Uddin Miron Technical Secretary EEE 17103028 5th
6. Mehedi Hasan Himel Treasurer EEE 17203030 6th
7. Rifat Hayder Riyad Membership Development Coordinator EEE 18103023 7th
8. Md Kamrul Hasan Event Planning Coordinator EEE 18203015 8th
9. Tasnim Hasan Tamim Public Relations Coordinator EEE 19103007 9th
10. Shahriar Karim Rahi Social Media Coordinator EEE 19103017 9th
11. Ashru Kumar Mandal Event Management Coordinator EEE 19103026 9th

Recent Activities:


Sl No. Event Name Event Date Venue
1. Workshop on Basic Electrical Training 23-24 April 2019 BAUET
2. 2nd Intra University Project Fair 2019 24 October 2019 BAUET
3. Webinar on Fighting Against COVID-19: Role of Engineers 11 August 2020 Virtual
4. Webinar on Research Planning, Writing, Presentation and Ethics 18 August 2020 Virtual