There is an adequate number of classrooms which are well decorated and equipped with modern technologies such as smart boards, multimedia projectors, audio-visual system and internet facilities. The classroom size is large enough to accommodate 60 students. The department of CSE has a total number of 10 classrooms (Including one smart classroom) available for undergraduate students. All the classrooms are decorated with adequate numbers of furniture, electrical items, and teaching aid facilities i.e., chair, tables, display board, dais, light, fan, projector, and screen, etc. All classrooms have enough doors and windows to pass the air as well as having an emergency exit. In case of any emergency, a fire extinguisher can be used located in front of each classroom. All the classrooms have the same layout. Necessary data and the classroom layout are given below:

Figure 5.4: Typical classroom-1 (Room No: 307)

Figure 5.5: Typical classroom-2 (Room No: 308)

Figure 5.6: classroom layout (all classrooms have same layout)

Table 5.5: Existing classroom facilities

SN. Classroom No. & Location Size

(sq ft)

Capacity Facilities
1. Room No. 307 (Panorama) 1200 60 ✓      Broadband internet (Internet connection for teacher)

✓      Document camera (Planned)

✓      Computer

✓      Projector

✓      Audio visual system

2. Room No. 308 (Panorama) 1200 60
3. Room No. 404 (Panorama) 1200 60
4. Room No. 504 (Panorama) 1200 60
5. Room No. 505 (Panorama) 1200 60
6. Room No. 507 (Panorama) 1200 60
7. Room No. 515 (Panorama) 1200 60
8. Room No. 604 (Panorama) 1200 60
9. Room No. 605 (Panorama) 1200 60

Smart classroom
Smart classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that give faster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as computers, specialized software, audience response technology, assistive listening devices, networking, and audio/visual capabilities. Smart classrooms are designed to enhance instructions and learning. CSE department has two smart classrooms that contain 40 tablets with a smart board, white board, computer and a dedicated router. Necessary data about classrooms are given below:

Table 5.6: Smart classroom facilities

SN. Classroom No. & location Size

(sq. ft)

Capacity Facilities
1. Room No. 201 (Panorama) 1200 60 ✓      Broadband internet

✓      Wi-Fi Facility

✓      Document camera (planned)

✓      computer

✓      projector

✓      Audio visual system

2. Room No. 202 (Panorama) 1200 60

Figure 5.7: Smart classroom