Research Activities

The research work undertaken by the teachers and students of this department in the last few years is diversified in nature. The faculty members have a good number of publications in different national and international conferences and journals. BAUET also regularly publishes an annual technical journal where faculties and students of CSE department put their contributions.

Sl. No. Research Area Expertise Faculty
0. Speech Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Groundwater Modelling Dr. Mirza A.F.M. Rashidul Hasan
1. Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Sensor Networking Mohammed Golam Sarwar Bhuyan
2. Deep Learning, Machine Learning Asma Yasmin


3. Image Processing, Deep Learning Bristi Rani Roy

Redoanul Haque

4. Privacy preserving in data publishing, data mining Md. Omar Faruq
5. Privacy preservation, Ubiquitous Security, Data Mining, Machine Learning Md. Muktar Hossain(On leave)
6. High Performance Computing, Computer Architecture, IoT, Image Processing Mohammed Golam Sarwar Bhuyan
7. Communication Signal Processing, Internet of Things (IoT), Computer Networks, Wireless Communication Mithun Kumar
8. Computer Vision and Natural language understanding, Applied Cryptography Abdullah Al Rahat(On Leave)
Aroni Saha
9. Image Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Md. Harun Or Rashid
10. Digital Image Processing, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence Md. Nazmus Salehin
11. Machine Learning, Data Mining, Speech Signal Processing Subrata Kumer Paul

Rakhi Rani Paul

12. Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Biometrics Bristi Rani Roy
13. Data Mining, Bioinformatics Mst. Irin Sultana