Graphics Laboratory

Computer Graphics is one of the most exciting fields of computer science. It incorporates theoretical and applied concepts from geometry and computational geometry, vector and matrix algebra, computer architecture, physics, artificial intelligence, signal theory and so on. The aim of using this laboratory is to introduce students to graphical data processing, fundamentals of interactive graphics, architecture of display devices and connectivity to a computer, implementation of graphics concepts of two dimensional and three-dimensional viewing, clipping and transformations.

Established Date:  04/05/2016 (According to laboratory registered book)

Financed by:  BAUET own fund

List of equipment in the Graphics Laboratory

SN. Name of the


Quantity Specification Date and cost of


Present condition
1. CPU

(Central Processing Unit)


36 Pcs [Brand Name: DELL, Intel(R) core (TM) i5-4590, CPU@ 3.30GHz, RAM: 4.00 GB, 64- bit Operating System, x64-based Processor, Core i7, 16 GB ROM,

1 TB Hard- Disk,

8 GB Graphics Card
















18 June 2017

2. Monitor 36 Pcs DELL Good
3. Mouse 36 pcs DELL Good
4. Keyboard 36 pcs DELL Good
5. UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) 36 Pcs 29 Pcs Power Take-

(600 VA)

07 Pcs Power Guard

(600 VA)

6.       Good
7. Multimedia Projector + Remote 01 Hitachi Good
8. Projector Screen 01 Hitachi Good
9. Samsung Tab [Note: It’s always in the smart classroom] 51 Pcs Samsung Galaxy Tab Good
10. Spot Light 10 Pcs Super Star Good
11. Amirah 01 pcs Janoni Still Furniture Good
12. Bag rack 01 pcs Make by Wood Good
13. Computer Table 37 Pcs Navana Furniture Good
14. Computer Chair 71 Pcs Navana Furniture Good
15. Window curtain 8 Pcs Make by Cloth

(Green Color)