The importance of various clubs besides class education is immense for the development of creative education and talent of the university as well as for the development of the nation and the creation of qualified and skilled manpower. As a resident of Bangladesh in early 2020, there is no need to understand the fact that development in any social and commercial sector is not possible without the advancement of information technology. I call for the inauguration of the “BAUET Computer Society” club with its commitment to build a digital Bangladesh. Because the future of the country depends on the talent and values ​​of the young society of Bangladesh. Just as this club will increase the efficiency of its members and pave the way for employment, it will also work with the great vow of building ideal people.

“The BAUET Computer Society” consists of a total of 13 sub-committees, the details of which are given in the following chapters. The sub-committee was:

  1. Patronage Committee
  2. Advisory Committee
  3. Executive Committee


Committees according to division

  1. Software Development Committee
  2. Programming Committee
  3. Game Development, Animation, AR and VR Committees
  4. Web Development Committee
  5. Research Committee
  6. Cyber ​​Security Committee
  7. Hardware Development Committee
  8. Sponsor, Publication, Promotion and Maintenance Committee
  9. Educational Committee
  10. Cultural and Sports Committee


Aims and Objectives:

(1) To develop the high values ​​of the students and to spend all the talents, labor and education for the welfare of the people.

(2) To ensure the proper development of the mind, taste and personality of the members through proper practice of creative culture.

(3) To cultivate a deep sense of brotherhood among all irrespective of religion, caste, community and ethnicity.

(4) To work for the overall welfare of the country and the people through various practices and volunteerism.

(5) To achieve spiritual and emotional development of the students.

(6) To make the students fit in the modern world by enhancing their personal and professional skills.

(7) To play a special role in good leadership and nation building.


  1. Outline of the Executive Committee:

There will be a working committee for the club whose term will be 01 (one) semester. The Honorable Vice-Chancellor of BAUET as the Chief Patron of the Committee will give necessary directions to the Committee. The members of the executive committee will be promoted after every 01 (one) semester. The Executive Committee may appoint new members as required.

  1. Format of Executive Committee:

Chief Patron – Hon’ble Vice Chancellor

Advisors – Treasurer, Registrar & Dean, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mentoring Committee:

Mentor – Teachers and alumni


Executive Committee:

President – 1 teacher

Vice-President – 2 (1 teacher + 1 student)

General Secretary – 1 student

Human Resource Secretary – 1 student

Women Secretary – 1 student

Treasurer – 1 student


Segment-wise Committee:

Vice-President – 1 student

Assistant General Secretary – 1 student

Organizing Secretary – 1 student
Vice-President – 1 student

Assistant General Secretary – 1 student Organizing Secretary – 1 student

Sponsor, Publication, Promotion & Maintenence Committee:

Assistant General Secretary – 1 student

Literature Secretary – 1 student

Information and Technology Secretary (ICT Secretary) – 1 student

Promotion Secretary – 1 student

Office Secretary – 1 student

Maintenance Secretary – 1 student


Scholastic Committee:

Training Secretary – 1 student

Educational Secretary – 1 student


Cultural & Sports Committee:

Cultural Secretary – 1 student

Sports Secretary – 1 student


(1) Every effort will be made to keep at least one-third female students in the committee.

(2) At least one meeting shall be held every month in the Executive Committee and the discussion, decision and progress of the meeting shall be recorded. Again the copy will be given to the main sponsor.


  1. Club committee selection procedure:

(1) The person holding the post of President must have past experience in such work. The president will similarly elect one student and one teacher as vice-president.

(2) The Vice-President shall be elected the Chairman of the next Committee.

(3) CV will be accepted for selection of club committee members. And the candidate will be considered for the prescribed post on the basis of merit. The structure of the CV will be provided by the club authorities.


  1. Minimum qualifications of club members:

(1) To be a member of the club, one must be a student of BAUET. Students below 3.00 in any semester cannot be a member of the club.

(2) In order to become a member of the club, the prescribed form must be filled through which the student will prove his / her qualifications, experience and desire to work hard. There is no fee to become a member of the club.

(3) No member shall pay any kind of subscription monthly or annually or in any one manner.


  1. Rules and regulations:

(1) All members are bound to abide by all rules of the club.

(2) Members must maintain control of the club.

(3) Every effort should be made to take part in all the events of the club.

(4) Every effort should be made to engage in voluntary work as required, as advised by the event coordinator.

(5) Members may not engage in any activity that would be shameful to the club.

(6) If there is any concern or concern, the head of the committee should be informed. The head of the self-governing committee will inform the executive committee and necessary action will be taken.

(7)All members must attend each meeting. If a member is absent from a meeting, he must show cause. If he does not attend two consecutive meetings without showing cause, the executive committee will take necessary action.

(8) If any member breaks the rules of the club or tries to create chaos, he will be immediately dismissed from the club. No student will be allowed to participate in any activities or events organized by the club while being dismissed from the club.

(9) If any member misbehaves with any other member or executive member, he shall be dismissed from the club.

(10) Strict action will be taken against anyone who tries to cause problems during various events.

(11) The members have to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to them within the stipulated time. Otherwise the authorities will take necessary action.

(12) At the monthly meeting, the members of the club should present the progress of the work to the members of the committee.

(13) No assets of the Club may be used for personal or other purposes.

(14) If the members of the club need to work in the lab, they have to maintain the register book of the lab.

(15) The Executive Committee has the power to add, subtract, change or add new provisions at any time as it deems necessary.


8.Minimum activities of the committee:

(1) The club shall organize at least one event or event annually.

(2) The committee of the club will always be active.


  1. Receipt of club members:

At the end of the term of each member committee, a certificate will be issued to all the members including the executive member through a closing ceremony. Members can also get Lifetime Membership by demonstrating outstanding qualifications. Those who perform well in various programs will be awarded a “Certificate of Excellence”.

  1. Training:

On behalf of the club, workshops, seminars and necessary training will be arranged to enhance the qualifications and skills of the members. In this case, the required budget will be passed by the main sponsor at least 8 or 10 days before the start of the program.

  1. Duties and responsibilities of the officers and employees engaged in the management of the club:

Duties and responsibilities of the President:

(1) Carry out the overall responsibility of implementing, supervising, evaluating and observing all kinds of programs of the club and shall be responsible to the higher authority for its proper execution.

(2) Be diligent in resolving any kind of problem and take action in this regard as soon as possible.

(3) Perform other duties assigned by the authority.

(4) Take initiative to purchase the goods of the club.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Vice-President:

Will provide active cooperation to the President in the implementation of the activities of the club. Perform other duties assigned by the authority.

Duties and Responsibilities of the General Secretary:

(1) To play an active role in implementing the activities of the club as directed by the President. (2) Perform other duties assigned by the authority.


  1. Fundraising:

The president will propose an annual budget for the club along with the university. The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor will approve the final budget of the clubs through a coordination meeting.

  1. Discipline and security:

(1) Individuals involved in the club shall be bound to abide by the constitution of the club and anti-constitutional activities shall be deemed to be breach of discipline.

(2) If the accused person is found guilty, the Executive Committee may take necessary action against him.

(3) No assets of the Club may be used for personal or other purposes.

(4) Security must be ensured in conducting the activities of the club.


  1. Observation and evaluation:

 An activity and evaluation report will be prepared from the club and a copy of the report will be sent to the office of the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor / Chief Patron.


Executive Committee- 2020

Name Designation Dept Student ID: Batch:
Mohammed Golam Sarwar Bhuyan President

Associate Prof, Dept. of CSE

Md. Sabbir Ejaz



Lecturer, Dept. of CSE

Md. Azmain Yakin Srizon

Lecturer, Dept. of CSE


Lecturer, Dept. of CSE

Md. Mehedi Hasan

Lecturer, Dept. of CSE


Lecturer, Dept. of CSE

Samran Rahman General Secretary CSE 16204003 4th Batch
Md. Asif Iqbal Shoron Joint Secretary CSE 16204073 4th Batch
Sakib Mahmood Seaum Joint Secretary CSE 16204067 4th Batch
Himel Biswas Organising Secretary CSE 18104055 7th Batch
Rubaiat Zaman Wami Financial Secretary CSE 18104042 7th Batch
Md. Kamrul Islam IT & Skill Development Secretary CSE 18104008 7th Batch
Jubayer Abedin Promotional Secretary CE 16201003 4th Batch
Fahmida Haque Mim Editorial Secretary CSE 16204009 4th Batch
Shahinur Islam HR and Communication Secretary CSE 18104041 7th Batch
S.M. Tahsin Zaman Chief Executive of Software Development CSE 16204027 4th Batch
Abrar Faiaz Adnan Executive of Software Development ICE 17105015 5th Batch
Jahid Hasan Chief Executive of Programming CSE 17104056 5th Batch
Muzakkir Hossain Minhaz Executive of Programming CSE 18204010 8th Batch
 Md. Momenul Haque Chief Executive of Game Development CSE 18104050 7th Batch
Farhan Nafiz Fahim Executive of Game Development CSE 18104020 7th Batch
Abu Daud Mohammad Maruf Chief Executive of Hardware EEE 16203023 4th Batch
Tasnim Hassan Tamim Executive of Hardware EEE 19103007 9th Batch
Shahriar Kabir Chief Executive of Animation & Graphics Design CSE 18104022 7th Batch
Rahat Al Meem Executive of Animation & Graphics Design CSE 19204007 10th Batch
Wahidur Zaman Chief Executive of Web Development CSE 16204039 4th Batch
Fahim Shahriyar Executive of Web Development CSE 17204023 6th Batch
MD. Jahangir Hossein Chief Executive of Research & Development CSE 17104034 5th Batch
Asif Ishtiaque Executive of Research & Development CSE 19104008 9th Batch
Tamanna Rahaman Chief Executive of Cyber Security CSE 16204019 4th Batch
Md. Mushfiqur Rahman Anik Executive of Cyber Security CSE 18204052 8th Batch


List of General Member (2020)

Sl Name Student ID Dept Batch
1 Ashikur Rahman 17104039 CSE 5th
2 Sadakat Hossain Fahad 17104038 CSE 5th
3 Tanjil Mahmud Nion 17104047 CSE 5th
4 Srayoshi Bashed Mirza 17104040 CSE 5th
5 Jarin Tasmin Khan 17205013 ICE 6th
6 Fahamida Tahamin 17205016 ICE 6th
7 Sharmin Sultana 17204060 CSE 6th
8 Farzana Akter 17204044 CSE 6th
9 Aditto Rehan 17204037 CSE 6th
10 Md. Shafiullah 17204002 CSE 6th
11 Mehnaz Chowdhury 17204046 CSE 6th
12 Eusuf Abdullah 18104001 CSE 7th
13 Jannat Hossain 18104024 CSE 7th
14 Rafia Binte Kayes 18104036 CSE 7th
15 Jannatul Ferdous Mim 18104002 CSE 7th
16 Fahmida Gulshanara 18104014 CSE 7th
17 Sheikh Arafa Hossain 18104052 CSE 7th
18 Adib Arman Shuvro 18204004 CSE 8th
19 Abdullah Al Fahad 18204025 CSE 8th
20 Nosin Atia 18204063 CSE 8th
21 Snigdho 18205013 ICE 8th
22 Nishat Shama 18204064 CSE 8th
23 Yeashtaruna Zeem 18204043 CSE 8th
24 Anika Anomi Zisa 18204061 CSE 8th
25 Turna Anindita Saha 18204017 CSE 8th
26 Md Forkan Hossain 18204047 CSE 8th
27 Md Fazle Rabbi Riyad 18204037 CSE 8th
28 SM Fardin Ahosan 19104013 CSE 9th
29 Habibur Rahaman 19104026 CSE 9th
30 Sabbir Hossain 19104001 CSE 9th
31 Shaomee Rahaman 19104035 CSE 9th
32 Zarin Anan 19104041 CSE 9th
33 Ferdous Wahid 19104033 CSE 9th
34 Ferdous Zaman 19104032 CSE 9th
35 Mehadi Hassan 19104029 CSE 9th
36 Bonna Khatun 19104015 CSE 9th
37 Most. Jannatul Ferdous 19104004 CSE 9th
38 Maliha Jahan Mity 19104006 CSE 9th
39 Md Raisul Islam Rony 19104029 CSE 9th
40 Feroz Mahamud 19204009 CSE 9th
41 Afrin Bristy 19204025 CSE 10th
42 Sadia Afrin 19204022 CSE 10th



Facebook Group details:

Sl. Admin Details
1 Md. Sabbir Ejaz Vice-Presedent
2 Md. Azmain Yakin Srizon Vice-Presedent
3 Md. Mehedi Hasan Vice-Presedent

Launching date of Facebook Group: March 11

Facebook page details:



Admin Details
1 Md. Sabbir Ejaz Vice-Presedent
2 Md. Azmain Yakin Srizon Vice-Presedent
3 Md. Mehedi Hasan Vice-Presedent

Launching date of Facebook page: March 11

Club Activities           

Department of CSE has a total of two clubs that are well formulated and they are actively putting their footsteps in both national and international arena. List of the clubs and their activities are mentioned below:


Name of the Club             BAUET Computer Society

        (Old BAUET Programming Club)

Year of Foundation: 2015-2016
Name of the Club Supervisor: 1.      Mohammed Golam Sarwar Bhuyan

Associate Professor,

Dept. of CSE



2.      Md. Sabbir Ejaz


Dept. of CSE



3.      Md. Azmain Yakin Srizon


Dept. of CSE


4.      Md. Mehedi Hasan


Dept. of CSE


Name of Currents Student Representative:


1.      Samran Rahman

General Secretary

Department: CSE

2.       Md. Asif Iqbal Shoron

Joint Secretary

Department: CSE



1.      Mind Storm 2020 (Intra-University)

●       Programming Contest

●       Idea Contest

●       UI-UX Design Contest

●       Article Writing Contest

●       5. Indoor Tech Photo Contest

2.      Webinar

●       Software Development & Web Development

●       Competitive Programming

●       Research & Development

●       Robotics & Hardware

●       Game, Animation & Graphics

3.      Arrange pieces of training and workshops on specific fields (on Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level)

4.      Arrange regular Intra-University Contests for preparing the students for national and international contests and job markets

5.      Build teams of members to solve real-world problems and practice recent trends in the modern world.

6.      Inauguration ceremony of BAUET Programming Club

7.      Farewell of the first batch of BAUET and farewell Programming Contest

8.      Code Battle: Programming Contest

9.      Talk on the Importance of Learning Programming Language

10.   Workshop on ACM ICPC, NGPC, 11-12 November 2019

11.   Training on Skill Development in Programming Contests.

12.   Boot camp on BAUET for regional ACM ICPC.

13.   A team participated on regional ACM ICPC-2019

14. TechFusion 2K20 (National Fest; Postponed due to COVID-19)

●       Programming Contest

●       Project Showcase (Software)

●       Project Showcase (Hardware)

●       Idea/Poster Contest

●       Gaming Contest (FIFA)

●       Gaming Contest (NFS)

●       Gaming Contest (PUBG)

●       Quiz Contest

●       Line Follower Robot

●       Robo Soccer

●       11. CAD Contest

●       12. Tech Photo Contest

●       2-Minutes Video Contest

●       Seminar

15.   Intra University Programming Contest-2019


16.   Department arranged a workshop/seminar on “A Human-Robot Interaction Framework to Control Human Attention in Multiparty Setting” in April 2015

17.   Intra University Programming Contest

Organized by: CSE Department, BAUET

18.   Training for Skill Development in Mobile Game and Apps Development incorporation of ministry of ICT division held in August,2018

19.   Training for Skill Development in Programming Contest held in December 2018

Trainer: BUET/RUET

20.   CSE department arrange intra Mobile Games & Application skill development short course.

Participation & Achievement 1.      Participation in National Girls Programming Contest (NGPC)

Position: 100,108,134

Date: 25th November,2019

Venue: Daffodil International University


2.      Participation in International Collegiate Programming (ICPC)

Position: 76 among 190 team

Date: 16-17 November 2019

Venue: South East University.


3.      Participation in a seminar on cybersecurity “Beside Ahmedabad”

Date: 15th November 2019;

Venue:  Ahmedabad, India.


4.      Participation in EEE-Day 2019

Event:  Project Championship Category

Position: 2nd runner up position.

Date: 12th November 2019

Venue: Bangladesh Army International University of Science & Technology (BAIUST), Comilla


5.      Participation in NASA Apps Challenge-2019

Team Name: AERO

Date: 19-20 October, 2019.

Achieved the reputation for placing their name in top 20 team list


6.      Participation in “Start Up Chapter-02”, Final round. They Have achieved the reputation for placing their name in top 20 team list.


7.      Department of CSE is the defending champion of Vice Chancellor Inter Department Cricket Cup-2019.


8.      Department of CSE is the defending champion of Vice Chancellor Inter Department Football, Basketball Cup and Cricket Cup-2019.


9.      Participation in “Robolution-2019”

Position: Champion

Venue: Military Institute of Science & Technology


10.   A Student of CSE department won in BITFEST-2019 which is held in 6-7th September,2019 organized by KUET.


11.   Participation in “Robo Carnival-2019”

Position: 2nd Runner Up

Date: 18th January 2019.



12.   Champion in “Student to Start Up Chapter-1 Bangladesh”


13.   Champion in “Digital Bangladesh 2041″


14.   Participation in National Collegiate programming Contest (NCPC)

Date: January,2017; Organized by CUET


15.   Participation in National Collegiate programming Contest (NCPC)

Date: January,2016;

Organized by Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Gazipur


16.   Participation in “BAUET Tech Fair-2K18”

Date: May, 2018


●       1st Position in Hardware Category

●       2nd Position in Idea Contest

●        3rd Position in Software Category


17.   Participation in “Intra University Debate Competition, BAUET”

Date: 12th December, 2019

Position: Runners-Up Dept. of CSE