Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology (BAUET) has library facilities that are well structured and accumulated with reference books, journals and research papers. Besides the central library, each department has its own library. BAUET Central Library is established with the prime objective to support different programs and research needs. It is located in an accessible place within the campus. The library is well equipped with high-speed broadband internet facilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, daily newspapers, magazines, and e-books/journals.

The library is entirely well decorated and fully furnished.

Space and hours of operation

The central library is about 1500 square feet and around 40 students can study in the library at a time. The departmental library is about 500 square feet and capable of attending around 30 persons. The operating hours of both central and departmental library is tabulated in Table.

Table: Libraryโ€™s operating hours

Library Day Hours of operation
Central Library Sunday-Thursday (Except Friday,

Saturday and Other Government Holiday)


08.00 am-03.00 pm


Departmental Library Working Days(Expect Saturday and Friday) 08.00 am-03.00 pm

Library resources (books, technical journals, proceedings)

The central library is enriched with about 14,550 books and a good number of Periodicals, Journals and Magazines from home and abroad. The information on books, journals, proceedings, and other resources is tabulated below:

Category No. of titles No. of copies
Books (hard copy) 702 9769
Books (electronic) 3500 NA
Journals (hard copy) 40 55
Journals (electronic) BAUET Central Library is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) BAUET Central Library has access to 1448 of online Journals through ACM. NA
Proceedings 04 04
Magazines 20 104
Others 152 152

Collaboration with other libraries:

BAUET central library has e-resource sharing facilities with the following libraries:

  • Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)
  • Bangladesh Army University of Science & Technology (BAUST)
  • Bangladesh Army International University of Science & Technology (BAIUST)

Modernization of the library

Now BAUET Central Library has updated the manual Library Management System and in future BAUET will implement a complete library automation system using an Integrated Library Management System (Koha, Dspace, VuFind, and Drupal). Checking out, checking in, renewing and holding the reading materials to users these all activities are done by using Library Management System (LMS) in the manual process. Members are notified through e-mail and SMS for any necessities. The central library has issued to the students of TEXTBOOK (prescribed by the concerned department) for one semester (5 Months) and at a time FIVE Reference book for 1 Month.