Laboratories and Equipment

BAUET has 10 well-equipped laboratories under the EEE department to support all its’ courses.

Sl. No. Name of the laboratories
1. Electrical Circuits and Measurement Lab
2. Electrical Machine Lab
3. Electronics Circuit Lab
4. Simulation Lab
5. VLSI and DSP Lab
6. Electrical & Electronic Workshop and Automation Lab
7. Power System Lab
8. Control System Lab
9. Power Electronics & Green Energy Lab
10. Model Room (Basic Mechanical Lab)


All the laboratories of BAUET are well equipped with modern facilities. All the laboratories are well furnished with emergency exits. In the case of fire break-out, there are fire extinguishers in the laboratories for safety. All the labs have a modern multimedia education system (projector, sound system, computer, etc). Besides the educational aids, a first aid box is available in each laboratory.