Vision of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
To create skilled and competent professionals in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
with high morals to meet the national and global needs through creative research and innovations.

Mission of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

1. To provide high quality state of the art education and knowledge in Electrical and Electronic
Engineering to produce competent engineers, capable of solving real-world problems to
meet the needs of industry and society
2. To contribute towards the creation of new knowledge through eminence research and
innovation in EEE and allied fields to address emerging national and global issues for wellbeing
of the society
3. To enable students in attaining required ethics with an attitude of entrepreneurial skills,
ethical values and social consciences
4. To embed leadership qualities amongst the students to follow successful professional career
paths and to pursue advanced studies in electrical engineering and a lifelong learner in
cutting edge developments in the field of power system