Existence of and adherence to a well-formulated admission policy, including admission criteria:
Entry Qualifications:

The program has well defined admission criterion, which evaluates the student’s results both in Higher Secondary Level (HSC) and the admission test. Special emphasis is given on result of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English in HSC level as the knowledge of these subjects are essential to study the discussed program. The admission test is conducted twice in every academic year (summer and fall).

Students for admission into the targeted program must have passed the H.S.C. Examination from a Higher Secondary Education Board in Bangladesh (after 12 years of schooling) with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as his/her subjects of Examination or any examination in Higher Secondary Level of examination recognized as Equivalent there to, and must also fulfill all other requirements as may be prescribed by the Admission Committee. Along with this, they also need to acquire minimum 80% marks in physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English to ensure that they can afford the future study load.

Admission Procedure:

The University forms an admission committee headed by the Vice Chancellor in which Dean of each faculty and Head of the Department.The admission committee invites application from the eligible candidates based on the criterion set by the admission committee and advertise in the national and local newspapers soon after the declaration of HSC result. The prospective applicants are asked to submit their filled admission test form for the admission test within the prescribed period of time along with the copies of all necessary documents such as certificates, transcripts and photographs. After a thorough scrutiny and sorting, the applicants are assigned an admission test roll number and a list of eligible candidates for the admission test is notified. After the admission test, based on the admission test result, a merit list and a waiting list is prepared and published. During the time of admission, an order of program choice is asked from the selected students by the admission committee. Students are allocated a program based on their merit position, order of program choice and available seat in a specific program. After accommodating the merit list student, if there is any empty seat in any program, those seats are filled up from the waiting listed student with the same procedure described above. In each academic session, 135 students get admission in order of merit in the department of Civil engineering. List of newly admitted students is notified in the University notice board as well as in the university. Website before commencement of the classes.

Policy for transfer students:

Students of other recognized universities or any higher learning institutions, may apply for credit transfer. Completed courses from said institutions should be similar and equivalent to the corresponding course(s) at BAUET and only ‘B’ grade and above may be accepted.

  • The interested candidate may apply to the Head of the department along with the following documents:
  1. Official Transcript (original) of the completed courses;
  2. Detailed Syllabus of the completed courses;
  • No Objection/Migration certificate from the previous institution.
  • The Equivalence Committee of the respective department of BAUET will determine the equivalence of the courses applied for.
  • The maximum credits may be allowed to transfer will be up to 50% of the total credits required for graduation of a particular program of study at BAUET.
  • Students who wish to apply for credit transfer must do so at least 1 (one) week before the commencement of a semester.

Finally the Equivalence Committee of BAUET will recommend the equivalence of the courses for approval from higher bodies.