Nature and Environment Club (NEC) is a student society for all civil engineering undergraduate students at Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology (BAUET). Students automatically become members of the club upon entering civil engineering. The purpose of the club is to improve the university experience of students in civil engineering.

The Club conducts its activities to promote the talent of the student based on civil engineering that helps them to develop skills, make them dynamic and good Communicator.  The following are some examples of the activities that the club will conduct:

  1. Conduct an Annual General Meeting
  2. Civil Engineering Software Training.
  3. Training and Workshop on Civil Engineering Activities
  4. Raising awareness by means of workshops, seminars and celebrating important international dates, such as the World Environment Day, Observed on 5th June.
  5. Idea contest, poster competitions, project competitions
  6. Day-long trips and awareness programs
  7. Also, members of the club show some eco – friendly work that can be done instant (e.g. they will be throwing trash in the bin)
  8. Etc.