Transportation Laboratory

For the design the construction of highway and airfield, it is imperative to carry out tests on construction materials for their scientific designing and economic utilization. The prime objective of the different tests in use is to know and classify the pavement material into different group depending upon their physical and strength or stability characteristics.

Financed by:  BAUET own fund

List of major equipment in the Transportation Laboratory:

  1. Los Angels Abrasion Test Machine
  2. Aggregate Impact Test Apparatus
  3. Aggregate Crushing Value Test Apparatus
  4. Scratch Hardness Test Apparatus
  5. Automatic Dial Bitumen Penetrometer
  6. Bituminous Ductillometer
  7. Ring and Ball Softening Point Apparatus
  8. Cleveland Open Cap Flash and Fire Point Test Apparatus
  9. Solubility of Bituminous Binders Apparatus
  10. Marshall Compression Test Machine
  11. Hand Operated Marshall Compactor Test Apparatus
  12. Thin Film and Loss on Heating Test Apparatus