Solid Mechanics Laboratory

In the Solid Mechanics Lab, experiments are conducted on fundamental principles of solid mechanics and materials. A range of topics are covered including testing of materials for tensile, compression, bending and torsional loads. Students perform mechanical testing on a variety of structural elements and machine components following appropriate codes and standards. As a result, they gain understanding of different failure modes of the materials under different mechanical loading conditions.

Financed by:  BAUET own fund

Room No.: 102 (Panorama)

List of major equipment in the Solid Mechanics laboratory:

  1. Rockwell Cum Brunel Hardness Tester
  2. 180º Bend &Bend-Rebend Testing Machinc
  3. Digital Vernir Calipers
  4. Digital Micrometer
  5. Electric Rod Cutter, (circular Shaw with motor)
  6. Electric Angle Grinder (cutter)
  7. Electric Wood Cuter (Circular Shaw) with motor
  8. Electric Wood Cutter, Circular Shaw, economy type
  9. Slide Calipers
  10. Drill Machine for Wood & Concrete, -Hand type Hammering
  11. Table Vice
  12. Flat File
  13. Pin Hammer (large size)
  14. Hack Shaw
  15. Sly Range
  16. Screw Driver Set
  17. Electric Tester
  18. Electric Wood Planer