Civil engineers shape the world we live in. They design, build, and maintain the infrastructure we take for granted – every reservoir, dam, bridge, road, tunnel, and building. Their expertise is key for a sustainable future, both in Bangladesh and abroad. As the economy and infrastructure of Bangladesh is growing at a rapid rate, the job facilities of Civil engineers are always high in our country.

If you want to be a part of the development of our country and make a difference to the world, to the quality of people’s lives, this is the course for you. By studying in the Department of Civil Engineering at BAUET, you’ll benefit from:

  1. A reputed private university in Bangladesh for quality education through excellent teaching and research.
  2. Faculties of the Civil Engineering department are from prestigious Universities of Bangladesh (BUET, KUET, RUET, CUET, AUST, and so on).
  3. Civil Engineering of BAUET is under the process of getting BAETE accreditation which is mandatory for IEB membership.
  4. Offer courses that develop both technical and project management skills to enable you to be a future leader in civil engineering.
  5. An education delivered by industrial practitioners as well as leading researchers, using real-world case-studies, in a friendly and supportive learning environment.
  6. An emphasis on design through all years of our courses to equip you with skills and experience that are highly valued by the industry.
  7. Industrial mentoring and internship schemes to connect you with potential employers.

Job Opportunities:

After completing your graduation you can work as BCS Cadre (PWD, RHD, Railway, etc.), BCS Non-Cadre (LGED), Captain at Engineering Core of Bangladesh Army, Assistant Engineer at RAJUK, KDA, RDA, Cantonment Board, DPHE, Water Development Board, DWASA, KWASA, different public and private bank, consultancy farm, construction farm and so on.