Environment Engineering Laboratory

The Environmental Engineering laboratory practical provides good insight into different experimental methods relevant to Environmental Engineering.  In this lab, we perform various tests on drinker water and sewage samples to check pH value, total dissolved solids, BOD and COD, total suspended particles, etc. It helps to assess the water quality standard of the region, pollution load in sewage, and working efficiency of sewage and other water treatment unit.

Financed by:  BAUET own fund

Room No.: 706 (Panorama)

List of major equipment in the Environment Engineering Laboratory:

  1. BOD Analyzer
  2. Cod Reactor & Cod Vial
  3. Microbiological Analysis Kits
  4. Bod Incubator
  5. Coagulation Device-Jar Tester
  6. Lab Incubator
  7. Hot Air Oven
  8. Distilled water Plant
  9. Digital Titration Reagents
  10. Beaker
  11. Wash Bottle
  12. Measuring cylinder
  13. Conical Flask
  14. Volumetric Flask
  15. Pipettes
  16. Glass bottle
  17. Funnel holder
  18. Dropper
  19. Balance (1 g to 2000 g)
  20. Burette + Stand
  21. Stirrer
  22. BOD bottle
  23. Rack for incubation of petri-dishes SS
  24. Sample vessels forceps
  25. Hot Plate
  26. Petri-dishes (60mmdia)
  27. Thermometer
  28. Spatula Spon
  29. Spatula micro

UV spectrophotometer

COD Reactor

Jar Tester