About the Department

The Department of English started its journey in 2016. From its very inception, the Department is playing very active and important roles to impart quality higher education to the intended students. And this is executed by a dedicated team of highly qualified faculty members who are very dynamic and pro-students.

The Department of English offers undergraduate program in BA (Honours) in English Language & Literature which is designed to give students an opportunity to know and appreciate the science of language as well as the literary works of English and to develop literary and linguistic aptitudes of their own. To teach English and not to teach about English – this motto lies all through at the back of offering language courses at BAUET. The result is that students constantly show up uttermost vehemence to attain English language skills and this zeal of the learners has already proved an ever proliferating one.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in English is divided into two lines of specialization: linguistics, and literature. The degree is recommended for students interested in a strong background in the humanities with a concentration on language and literature. The degree also enables the graduate to pursue careers in the academic as well as the non-academic world. Literary studies are always on the move. The freshmen and the sophomores get an opportunity to do interdisciplinary courses to enable themselves to get a wide range of general education.