The Bachelor degree in English is one of the most sought-after courses in the whole world. This degree not only enables students to read literature but also forces them to dissect and deconstruct the texts. It changes one’s perceptions and their personality. It makes one wiser and a better human being. English honors degree teaches a student to appreciate the plurality of a truth. They learn that no opinion is right or wrong rather it is subjective. Through this lesson they learn to respect individuality and different points of view which in a way make them the least prejudiced and much progressive people on earth.

English honors degree increases student’s inquisitiveness and curiosity. They tend to cross question the author’s intention or description behind a particular incident or fact. They are not someone who will willingly accept a readymade narrative offers by any texts or portrayal of characters. They will critically analyse and apply all sorts of theory from psychoanalysis to postcolonialism to feminism to make sense of events and characters. They are very sharp to decode the underlying meaning, symbolism working in a text. This inquisitiveness helps them in their real life as they deny taking things at their face value because they are able to differentiate between appearance and reality unveiling the masks that people wear to deceive.

Historical sense is developed by studying English language and literature. It teaches them that our existence is the result of a collective history that we share with the whole universe. Etymologies of English words reveal the interconnectedness of English language with other languages belong to the Indo-European family and students learn how a word comes into existence with its exclusive meaning and spelling. Also the translated texts in English disclose to the students the West hegemony or the colonial suppression goes down in history that different nations go through. Those translated texts introduce them with a new world having a different traditions and cultural practices. Hence the students of English literature who have exposure to world literature become inclusionary firmly believing the motto ‘Unity in Diversity’.