Department of English offers congenial educational environment by providing spacious and modern technology-based classrooms equipped with multimedia projectors, audio-visual systems and internet facilities. Each classroom has the capacity to accommodate at least 50 students. With sufficient number of windows and doors, the classrooms have proper ventilation system that ensures healthy atmosphere to the students. The classrooms also consist of the common features such as chairs, tables, dais, whiteboard, projection screen, lights, fans, and so on. Considering emergency safety purpose, in front of the classrooms fire extinguishers are set.

Department of English has 08 classrooms for 08 different batches:

Sl. Batch Room no. Batch Adviser Contact
1. 3rd 709 (Panorama) Shirin Akter 01745113911
2. 4th 712 (Panorama) Md. Ataul Karim 01718617877
3. 5th 710 (Panorama) Mostak Hossain 01717813094

4. 6th 809 (Panorama) S. M. Jakaria 01716676044
5. 7th 705 (Panorama) Md. Rakibul Alam 01739838685
6. 8th 711 (Panorama) Masrufa Alam 01703505001
7. 9th 707 (Panorama) Tahenaz Parvin Biva 01749054075
8. 10th

Classroom (diagram)