Vision: Department of English at Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology aims to reach the pinnacle of success achieving the top most position as a department nationally and also to be recognized globally by disseminating knowledge. It focuses on drawing faculties, students, adjuncts and staffs from all over the world providing an amicable and healthy atmosphere. Furthermore, the department pledges to produce competent graduates who in the process will grow a sense of themselves as citizens of a larger community and hence will serve the country in any way possible.

Mission: The overall mission of English department is to promote creativity among students which will help them think effectively and analytically. They will be able to draw independent conclusions based on their syllogism and also to put forth their opinions whenever necessary. It will help students see themselves as professionals, as part of a discipline with skills and abilities valuable in the business, teaching, publishing, or post-graduate works. Moreover, it will prepare students as future leaders and lifelong learners with strong ethics and keen sense of responsibilities. The department fosters these dreams by exposing students to diverse texts of Literature written in English including Academic, professional and creative writings. Nonetheless, the pursuers of English language and literature will have a polish and posh composure, will be ideologically flexible, will support equality and freedom of speech and last but not the least will be more accepting.