A warm welcome to our webpage of the Department of English Language & Literature, Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology (BAUET). If you are inquisitive about English Language & Literature, this is the place for you.

There is no better reason to choose a degree that offers language and literature, framed by it in the same discourse. The study of the English language covers the four basic skills of the language as well as different branches of linguistics which in turn opens the gateway to the realm of world literature. However, the act of enrolling oneself in literature is the pursuit of a passion, a passion that comes out of the urge to give the abstract, undefined a meaning, or to rethink what it is to be a human. At the same time, by framing the literary bent of mind, literary analysis has a unique power to decode the unseen and the unsaid. Henceforth, the rhetoric of logic, cultural studies, politics, psychoanalysis, philosophy and such promote the interdisciplinary critical faculty.

Besides study and research, the Department encourages extra-curricular frameworks that provide opportunities for you to participate in life outside the classroom.

Md. Ataul Karim
Assistant Professor & Head
Department of English