Vision and Mission

The vision and mission of the Department of Chemistry is to provide an excellent atmosphere for studies in chemistry and research activities. Excellent research support is provided by this department. Much of the understanding of this world is based on chemistry. Chemistry is central to disciplines such as medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology, materials science, environmental science and physics. Chemistry is conventionally divided into inorganic, organic, physical and analytical chemistry.

The department offers, students of various engineering discipline to acquire insight of chemistry as the central science and learn basic theories as well as experimental skills necessary for performing job in advanced technology and engineering. In addition, there are opportunities for research in cooperation with other departments.

Finally, the visions to be elevated a best department in the world with the mix of passionate faculty, dedicated co-workers, enthusiastic students, and highly skilled staff members. Currently our mission is to train the next generation to face the future challenges of the Earth. We all together are working hard to accomplish this mission