The Dept. of Physics will lead research and education in the fundamental fields of science and natural science sustainability for the state’s people and communities, emphasizing the stability of populations, the sustainability of matter, energy and development, and the growth of country diversity. Dept. of Physics is to provide students with the theoretical, experimental, computer simulation and substantive knowledge to participate as skilled manpower, professionals within the society, institutions and organizations that shape our increasingly diverse and global society.



The mission of the Dept. of Physics is to strengthen and deliver high-quality programs in teaching, experiment, computer simulation, research, service, and contributing to the quality of life and sustainable development locally, the state, region, and world. Physics offers students rigorous training to critically examine the fundamental ideas, natural and social world phenomenon, demand including groups, institutions, cultures, and interactions. We seek to train students interested in understanding fundamental and natural science dynamics, conducting their own research, advocating for science and technology of the present world, and addressing our present human life’s most pressing problems and demands.