Personal Information:
Md. Golam Mostofa
Appointment: Lab-Technician
Cell Phone: 01712108325

Professional Experiences:

S/L Position & Institution Term of Employment
From To Total
i  Lab Technician
Dept. of Physics,
Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology (BAUET),
Qadirabad Cantonment, Natore-6431
Dec-2017 Till date




ii. Soldier-Sergeant
( Core of Engineers: Artificial Engineer, Peace-Keeper in United Nation: Instructor)
Bangladesh Army


Additional Responsibilities:
1.Class coordinator :
Maintain quality and consistency of instruction in multiple-section
courses. Scheduling regular meetings with faculty and provide resources
to support teaching and learning in the courses they coordinate.

2. Admission Office :
Accepting and filtering of student applications. Assessing applications
according to our eligibility criteria. Organizing and filing recruitment
documentation. Providing consultations with prospective students when