To provide high-quality education with research in undergraduate mathematics courses that supports the mission of BAUET, meeting the requirements of different student bodies and diverse state populations with significant global impact.


  • To provide advanced opportunities for learning and knowledge through teaching and research in mathematics, engineering, and Technology.
  • To prepare the undergraduate students to develop the conceptual understanding, computational skills, and analytical ability to apply mathematical methods and ideas in a wide range of academia, industry, and society.
  • To perform research activities with national and international communities in focused areas of mathematics in an interdisciplinary environment to solve real-life applications.
  • To create mathematicians as they can assist in developing Bangladesh such a country with sustainable economic growth and equitable social development.


  • To offer different types of mathematics courses for undergraduate students to meet the needs of the various fields.
  • To strive for excellence by providing quality teaching through worldwide varieties of Instructional approaches.
  • To produce a highly competent and global standard graduate who will be proficient in communication skills, critical thinking, and analytical abilities with deeper insight and research skills in the field of mathematics and engineering together with multi-disciplinary areas.
  • To establish strong collaborative interaction of state-wide partners who will advocate for the sustained elevation of mathematics and science education through quality disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs that include relevant engineering and reading/language arts applications.
  • To utilize the diverse expertise of our faculty within the departmental and in collaborative efforts together with other departments, institutes, universities, and organizations to strengthen the overall quality of the department and to develop professional bonds.