Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology (BAUET) is an Engineering & Technological University which was established and run by the Bangladesh Army. It was an outcome of the visionary leadership of the Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh. BAUET started its academic journey in February 2015 and the Honourable State Minister of ICT, Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak, MP inaugurated the academic session of BAUET on 15 February 2015.

Moreover, at first, six Bachelor programs were approved by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh in the year 2015, and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is one of them. However, the University started three engineering (CE, CSE & EEE) bachelor programs in February 2015 as a new University. The department of mathematics has been started functioning from the very beginning of engineering education in this university and conducts technology-oriented undergraduate mathematics courses for all engineering and non-engineering students of BAUET.

The department of mathematics will offer a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics program in the second phase program of the university. At present, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is focused to achieve the 17 points of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) through limited resources. For the achievement of the goals, the department of mathematics is playing an important role with the university by developing new or alternative idea/process/innovation through research.