Message of the Head of the Department:
Welcome to the Department of Law and Justice, Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology (BAUET). The Department of Law running under the Faculty of Law since January 2016. Our Law courses are approved by UGC and Bangladesh Bar Council. The Department of Law and Justice is designed to enable our students nourish their academic, professional and personal potential. We are passionate about teaching our students well, and helping them to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the pivotal position of law in a civilized society. The curriculum of the department is unparalleled in its breadth and depth to cope up with the present demand. The students get practical training from clinical legal education, moot court, mock trial, court visit and other activities. Our Department is widely acclaimed for successfully maintaining an uninterrupted academic pace devoid of session jam and unwanted academic hazards. In a very short time, our graduates have been able to successfully set their career footprints in diverse fields, including academia, judiciary, law practice, public services etc. Our students’ participation in extra-curricular activities and their achievements at various levels is notable and praiseworthy.