Network Laboratory


Network Laboratory is one of the most resourceful laboratories of this department. There are a number of CISCO equipment in this laboratory. This equipment enables advanced networking facilities to this laboratory. It includes CISCO 10/100 Ethernet Routers (model 2600), CISCO Dual 10/100 Ethernet Routers, CISCO Catalyst Switches, Transceivers etc. Besides, the laboratory has a good number of tools like RJ45 Crimp Tools, Punch Down Tools, Wire Strippers, Side Cutters, LAN Cable Testers etc. and some networking software which helps students to gain knowledge and to develop advanced networking-based projects.

Established Date:  04/05/2016 (According to laboratory registered book)

Financed by:  BAUET own fund

List of equipment in the Network Laboratory

SN. Name of the equipment Quantity Specification Date and cost of


Present condition
1. CPU

(Central Processing Unit)

39 Pcs [Brand Name: DELL, Intel(R) core (TM) i5-4590, CPU@ 3.30GHz, RAM: 4.00 GB, 64- bit Operating System, x64-based Processor, Core i7, ROM: 16 GB,

1 TB Hard- Disk,

8 GB Graphics Card















4 May 2016

2. Monitor 39 Pcs DELL Good
3. Mouse 37 Pcs DELL Good
4. Keyboard 39 Pcs DELL Good
5. UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) 39 Pcs 29 Pcs Power Take-

(600 VA)

07 Pcs Power Guard (600 VA)

6. Wall Mount Rack (for Internet) 01 Pcs Navana Furniture Good
7. Internet Switch 02 Pcs DELL Good
8. Multimedia Projector + Remote 01 Pcs Hitachi Good
9. Projector Screen 01 Pcs Hitachi Good
10. White Board 01 Pcs AKIJ Good
11. Bag Rack 01 Pcs Make by Wood Good
12. Amirah 01 Pcs Janoni Still Furniture Good
13. Fan 13 Pcs Paradise Good
14. Tube Light 10 Pcs LED Good
15. Wall Clock 01 Pcs Good
16. Computer Table 37 Pcs Navana Furniture Good
17. Computer Chair 70 Pcs Navana Furniture Good
18. Lab Assistant Table 01 Pcs Navana Furniture Good
19 Lab Assistant Chair 01 Pcs Navana Furniture Good
20. Window Screen 08 Pcs Hitachi Good
21. Dust Basket 01 Pcs Good
22. Shoe rack 01 Pcs Good