Mobile Game & Apps Testing Laboratory

Mobile Games & Apps Testing Laboratory is established for making students more specialized in the mobile development field. The laboratory is highly equipped with high configuration PC, Samsung Note 8 Mobile, Samsung Tab etc. Already a few seminar and training programs were held on mobile games and application development in this Dept. This laboratory has 10 high performance workstations with complete multimedia support.

Established Date:  27 May, 2018 (According to laboratory registered book)

Financed by:  Ministry of Post, Telecommunication & Information Technology

List of equipment in the Mobile Game & Apps Testing Laboratory

SN. Name of the


Quantity Specification Date and cost of


Present condition
1. C.P.U

(Central Processing Unit)


10 Pcs CPU (Philips) Brand PC

Configure [ Intel(R) core (TM) i7-7700 CPU@ 3.60GHz, RAM: 4.00 GB, ROM: 16 GB, 64- bit Operating system, x64-based Processor





27 May 2018

2. Monitor 10 Pcs Philips Good
3. U.P. S 10 Pcs Power Pac (850 VA) Good
4. Mouse 10 pcs Habit Good
5. Keyboard 10 pcs Value Top Good
6. Spot Light 10 Pcs Super Star Good
7. Projector 01 Pcs Hitachi Good
8. Amirah 01 pcs Janoni Furniture Good
9. Bag rack 01 pcs Made by wood Good
10. Window curtain 20 Pcs Made by wood Good
11. Wall Clock 01 Pcs Good
12. Samsung Note 8 Mobile 01 Pcs Good
13. Samsung Tab 01 Pcs Good
14. Touch Pad 01 Pcs Good
15. Computer Table 10 Pcs Navana Furniture Good
16. Computer Chair 10 Pcs Navana Furniture Good