Digital Logic Design Laboratory

The Digital Logic Design Laboratory (DLD Laboratory) is one of the most important laboratories of the Department of CSE. The laboratory is well equipped with both hardware and software facilities required by the students to perform the necessary experiments. Experiments are designed in such a way that the students become well aware of the concepts they learn in the theory sessions. This laboratory is designed such that the students get a hands-on familiarity with the basic concept of digital electronics. These introductory topics cover Boolean algebra, digital logic gates, combinational logic circuits, decoders, encoders, multiplexers. There are different types of IC, register, function generator, trainer board and oscilloscope in this laboratory.

Established Date:  04/05/2016 (According to Laboratory Registered Book).

Financed by:  BAUET own fund.

List of equipment in the Digital Logics Design (DLD) Laboratory

SN. Name of the equipment Quantity Specification Date and cost of


Present condition
1. Function Generator 10pcs Gwinstek, GFG-8216A  
















4 May 2016

2. Oscilloscope 10pcs Gwinstek, GDS-1102A-U Good
3. Trainer Board 10pcs Gwinstek

Voltage- (220-240)

Frequency- (50Hz)

4. Analog voltage Meter (AVO) 10pcs Sanwa Good
5. Jump wire kit 10pcs Bengal Plastic Good
6. Instrument use Box 10pcs Janoni Still Furniture Good
7. Window Screen 08pcs Make by Cloth (Green Color) Good
8. Table Screen 10pcs Make by Cloth (Blue Color) Good
9. Tube Light- 10pcs Super Star Good
10. Ceiling Fan 10pcs Paradise Good
11. Lab Table 10pcs Made by Wood Good
12. Computer Chair 01pcs Navana Furniture Good
13. Single Chair (Wood) 03pcs Made by Wood Good
14. Lab Toll 42pcs Made by Wood Good
15. Lecture Stage 01pcs Made by Wood Good
16. Brede Board Small 10pcs Kandh Good
17. Bride Board Big 09pcs Kandh Good
18. Chair (Wood with Rod) 01pcs Navana Furniture Good
19. Teacher Table 01pcs Navana Furniture Good
20. White Board 01pcs Good
21. Amirah 01pcs Janoni Still Furniture Good
22. Bag use Box Steel 01pcs Janoni Still Furniture Good
23. IC/Transistor / Capacitor Keeping Box 01pcs Janoni Still Furniture Good
24. Lecture Dias 01pcs Made by Wood Good
25. Single Circuit Breaker 20pcs K.K.P Good
26. Combined Socket 40pcs Super Star Good
27. Bi-polar Junction Transistor (BJT) – C828 50pcs Good
28. Capacitor- 35V,470 µF 30pcs Good
29. Integrated Circuit (IC) Different Model 230pcs Good
30. Resistor   Different Model 750pcs Good
31. Function Generator 10pcs Good