Proposed layout and schematic diagram of AI and Robotics laboratory

(Room No. 01)

Figure 5.29: Proposed layout and schematic diagram of AI and Robotics laboratory

(Room No. 02)

Safety and health measures in the laboratories

The system unit and monitor emit or dissipate heats that are harmful to the body. These are the precautions that should be aware of when using the computer to avoid health problems and accidents. There are some criteria for measuring safety and health in the laboratories.

  • The need for an air conditioner or fan is necessary for the computer user to be comfortable.
  • The computer must be space apart, free entry and exit, computer library should be close to the computer room.
  • Dust should be prevented as often as possible in the computer. The floor must always be kept clean, the computer and it’s peripheral should be covered using the dust cover after use.
  • The surge protectors, the use of stabilizer and UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) must be upheld to prevent any damage caused by power fluctuations
  • The computer room should be well illuminated, use of LED bulbs should be used to provide light to make the room bright for all the activities carried out.


Besides, all the laboratories are well furnished with emergency exits. In case of fire break-out, there are fire extinguishers in the Labs for the safety. In the day-to-day activity of conducting research experiments, worker health and safety can be easily overlooked. However, with proper guidance, a trained eye, and practice in noticing the mundane, we can find and correct many common mistakes and prevent illness or injury.