Research Activities

The research work undertaken by the teachers and students of this department in the last few years is diversified in nature. The faculty members have a good number of publications in different national and international conferences and journals. BAUET also regularly publishes an annual journal where faculties and students of Department of Business Administration (DBA) put their contributions.


Major Research Areas:

SL No. Research Area Expertise Faculty
1.         Planning and Investment Dr. Md. Shah Alam
2. Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) Md. Abdur Rashid
3. CSR, Supply Chain, Financial Reporting & Taxation Afia Fahmida
4. Human Resource Management, Business Ethics and Entrepreneurship Development in Bangladesh etc. Shayma Ashrafy


5. Work life Balance, Corporate Governance, Green Financing, Small and Medium Enterprises, Financial distress. Sanuar Hossain
6. HRM, Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) etc. Hafizur Rahman
7. Capital Structure, Corporate Finance, Financial Inclusion, Corporate Governance, E-banking & General Banking Prodip Chandra Bishwas
8. CSR,Profit planning, Dividend policy of public ltd, Financial Disclosure, Green Banking NahidaAktar