Message from the Head

The 21st century is called the century of globalization. With the advent of globalization, many changes have been taking place in the areas of trade and commerce, investment, transfer of factors of production from one country to another country throughout the globe. Management of business organizations and investment decisions making and financing in different projects are becoming very complicated and competitive in the changing economic circumstances.

In order to carry out the activities smoothly of the above-mentioned organizations at this juncture, different organizations need graduates who have acquired adequate knowledge and skills on various subjects of business education, economics and allied subjects. Considering the above- mentioned points, Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology (BAUET) has opened the School of Business. The School of Business through its Department of Business Administration intends to provide contemporary knowledge and skills to the students by its trained teachers and professional personalities, so that the students who are studying business education, will come out with invaluable Degrees from the Department to cater the needs of qualified graduates in the corporate world.

The School of Business through its Department of Business Administration looks forward to view any changes to be occurring in future in the contemporary world and will endeavor to change its syllabus instantly to bring out qualified graduates accordingly.

Shayma Ashrafy

Assistant Professor