BAUET BUSINESS CLUB aims at preparing future business leaders who will contribute to the development of our economy.


Prepare future business leaders through enhancing business and career-oriented knowledge, skills, motivation, and training so that they can explore themselves as business entrepreneurs and Executives through engaging in different extracurricular activities.


  • To promote the students of BAUET School of Business and BAUET in general
  • To prepare BAUET students for the professional business world
  • To arrange professional development seminars, workshops and conferences
  • To provide opportunities for continuous business education and access to best practice


  • Professional skills development workshops
  • Seminars, conferences
  • University level contests
  • Guest lectures for applied business courses
  • Plant visits and study tours

Enrollment System

  • Students above CGPA-3.00 in are eligible to be a member of the club
  • Members are recruited and selected through application and prior viva-voce
  • All departments will be encouraged to take charge of the club


Executive Committee


Md. Hafizur Rahman
Human Resource Management
Department of Business Administration
Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology (BAUET)


Prodip Chandra Bishwas
Finance and Banking
Department of Business Administration
Bangladesh Army University of Engineering & Technology (BAUET)

Md. Abu Said Sijan

General Secretary

DBA 2nd

Md. Masruk Rahman

Joint Secretary

DBA 2nd

Mohammad Sakib Wahid

Organizing Secretary

DBA 3rd

Md. Mahmudul Hasan

Office Secretary

DBA 3rd

Adib Ahmad Anik

HR Secretary

DBA 3rd

Marzi Akter Lubna

Education Secretary

DBA 3rd

Mst.Anika Washima

Female Secretary

DBA 3rd

Md. Shakil Rayhan Shuvo

Publication Secretary

DBA 3rd

Zahidul Islam Riad

Sports Secretary

DBA 3rd

Mushfique Hossain Niloy

IT Secretary

DBA 4th

Atika Zaman Pritu

Cultural Secretary

DBA 4th

Sourov Ahmed

Training Secretary

DBA 4th

Rehnuma Tabassum Sristy

Finance Secretary

DBA 4th

Mushfiq Onim

Literary Secretary

DBA 5th


1. Webinar on: Business Case Cracking

2. Webinar on:
Envisioning Success: A Story Telling Session on Career Call With Sourav Salekin

3. Workshop on:
MS Excel Essentials for Early Career