Md. Hamidur Rahman

Asst. Professor and Head, Dept. of English





MA in English(Thesis Group), RU

BA in English, RU


Assistant Professor and Head, Department of English, BAUET

Assistant Professor (and Programme Coordinator), Northern University Bangladesh

Publications and Research

[1] ''Eclectic Approaches to Teaching English: Teachers’ Role'' published in BAUET Journal, a journal of Bangladesh Army University of Engineering and Technology (BAUET) (vol. 1, issue 1, 2017, ISSN: 2521-5256)

[2] "Beliefs in Shakespearean Tragedies: A Folkloric Study" Published in the Praxis, a journal of the Dept. of English, Rajshahi University, 2016

[3] “L1 Interference in Writing English” published in the Northern University Studies in English (ISSN: 2218-1547; vol. 1, Issue 2, December 2012)

[4] “Strategies for Developing Reading Skills with Special Reference to ESL/EFL Teaching” published in the Language Forum (ISSN 0253-9071; vol. 37 no. 2, Jul-Dec 2011)

[5] “Understanding Meaning Effectively: Pedagogical Approaches to the Reading Skill” published in the Khulna University Studies (vol: 9, no. 1, June 2008).

[6] “L1 Interference in Learning English: A Case Study” (read in the BELTA conference, 2011)

[7] The Teaching of Reading Skills of English: With an Analysis in a Bangladeshi Context published by Lambert, Germany, ISBN: 978-3-659-20584-2

[8]Co-authored a book titled A Handbook of English Grammar. 2nd edition, 2012. Rhyme Education

[9] Alomoy Othoi Andhar (The Enlightened Unfathomable Darkness): a collection of Bangla poems, published by Rarbango, 2013, ISBN: 978-984-33-7129-4 (Pseudonym: Prottoy Hamid)

[10]Chokher Uthan (The Arena of Eyes): a collection of Bangla poems, published by Nadi Prokash, 2014, ISBN: 978-984-8913-22-2 (Pseudonym: Prottoy Hamid)

[11]Trisna O Onnaynno (The Thirst and Others): a collection of Bangla short stories, published by Aloghor Prokasona, Dhaka, December 2014 (Pseudonym: Prottoy Hamid)

[12]Phool Pakhi Ar Sishu (A book of rhymes), Published by Khelar Sathi Prokashoni, Rangpur (Pseudonym: Prottoy Hamid)

[13]Various Poems, Short Stories and Articles (both in Bangla and English) in national and local papers and magazine (Pseudonym: Prottoy Hamid)