Md.Biplob Hossain

Lecturer, EEE

Pabna, Bangladesh




M.Sc in EEE (RUET) (Pursuing)

B.Sc in EEE (RUET)


Lecturer, EEE, (BAUET)

Publications & Research

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M. Saifur Rahmana, Md. Shamim Anowera, Md. Rabiul Hasanb, Md. Biplob Hossain, Md. Ismail Haquea, “Design and numerical analysis of highly sensitive Au-MoS2-graphene based hybrid surface plasmon resonance biosensor,” Optics Communications, Vol. 396, pp. 36-43, Aug. 2017 (Indexed by Scopus, ERA Rank: B, Impact Fac.: 1.487)

Md. B. Hossain, Md. M. Rana, “DNA Hybridization Detection Based on Resonance Frequency Readout in Graphene on Au SPR Biosensor,” Journal of Sensors, vol. 16, pp. 7, Jan 2016. (Indexed by Scopus, Impact Factor: 1.18)

Md. B. Hossain, Md. M. Rana, “Graphene coated high sensitive Surface plasmon resonance biosensors for sensing DNA hybridization,” Sensor Lett., Vol. 14, no. 2, pp.-145-152, Feb. 2016 (Indexed by Scopus, ERA Rank: C, Impact Fac.: 0.687)

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