Mst. Shamima Shirin

Lecturer, CE


01760-234116, 01708503582


M.Sc in CE (RUET) (Pursuing)

B.Sc in CE (KUET)


Lecturer, CE, (BAUET)

Publications & Research

M. S. Shirin1, M. M. Ali2, M. R. Hasan3 and Md. Saiful Islam4.EFFECT OF ORGANIC SOIL ON STRENGTH PROPERTIES OF COMPRESSED CEMENT-SOIL BLOCK. Journal of Civil Engineering, Science and Technology (JCEST), Volume 8, Issue 1, April 2017(eISSN 2462-1382).

M. M. Ali, M. S. Shirin,G. M. A. Rahman. M. R. Hasan, SEISMIC STRENGTHENING AND RETROFITTING OF AN EXISTING OVERSTRESSED RCC STRCTURE USING MICRO CONCRETE. International Conference on Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering (ICPACE 2017)