Language and Literature Club, BAUET

With the slogan ‘language for knowledge’ the Club conducts its activities to promote the language skill, especially the skill of the English language. It also works to develop the literary and aesthetic sense of the students of BAUET.

As a dynamic club it sits regularly on Wednesdays at 4:00pm with its members.

Some of its ongoing activities are:

1. Seminar

2. Workshop

3. PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion Test)

4. Recitation

5. Drama

6. Wall Magazine

7. Group Presentation

8. Essay Writing Competition

9. Annual Day Out

10. Quiz, Spelling

11. Publication of Literary Magazine (Little Mag)


Md. Hamidur Rahman, Asst. Professor and Head, Dept. of English

Coming Soon

1. Md. Mujahidul Islam, Lecturer, Dept. of English