BAUET Debating Society

With the slogan ‘Debate for Truth, Debate for Logic’ the Club conducts its activities to promote the talents of the students. It also works to develop the good debater & leader of the students of BAUET. As an active club it sits every Monday at 4:00pm with its members. Some of its major activities are:

1. Regular Debate practice

2. To arrange Debate Workshop

3. Inter Department Debate competition

4. Inter Hall Debate Competition

5. To practice & arrange Parliamentary Debate Competition

6. Collection of members for the club


Lt. Col. G.M Azizur Rahman, afwc, psc (Retd)


Md. Shahidul Islam, Associate Professor and Head, Dept. of Law and Justice

Coming Soon

Md. Abdur Rashid, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Business Administration